Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Fewer babies born during Flint water crisis

Fewer babies were born in Flint, Mich., during the lead-poisoning crisis from the water supply. Expect an impact over the next decade.

Link noted between lead paint and incarceration

A link between exposure to lead paint in preschool years and incarceration or suspension from school later in life has been reported.

IL proposes a law to test for lead

IL may get a new law that will require certain elementary schools and daycares to test the drinking water for lead. Good move.

Balto. rent-to-own homes have lots of lead

Rent-to-own homes frequently come with lead paint problems that the "buyers" are obligated but unable to repair. So kids suffer.

2 suburban districts retest for lead in the water

Lead and copper in the drinking water at 2 K-8 districts in Chicago's western suburbs has given school officials an urgent need to fix the water problem.

Concerns over lead in Newark school water

Fears of lead in drinking water at schools have spiked after the Flint water crisis and a realization that lots of schools have old pipes.

Lead in the water supply in Flint, MI

Dire situation in Flint, Mich.: The water supply is contaminated with lead from cheap pipes. Schools ask for help in the form of clean water.