Friday, January 22, 2021
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Boston Public added to all-remote list

Because of a rise in Covid-19 cases around Boston, the 54,000-student district is switching back to an all-remote learning plan.

Discussion continues over vaping by schoolchildren

A ban on vaping may be coming in many states, but it's being blocked by trade industry reps in others. It's bad for your health.

Mass., Ga. reject school privatization efforts

Voters in Massachusetts overwhelmingly rejected a ballot question, backed by the governor, that would have raised the cap on charter schools.

Mass. will not vote on Common Core

The Mass. Supreme Judicial Court said a ballot initiative that could have rolled back adoption of the Common Core is too vague to be on the ballot.

Boston students walk out to protest cuts

Hundreds of Boston Public School students protested over what could be effective cuts to education funding and programs coming next year.

Mass. teen guilty of rape, murder of math teacher

A teen in Mass. was found guilty of raping & murdering his 9th-grade algebra teacher. He had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Mass. will use PARCC questions, on its own

One of the leaders of PARCC has decided to reduce its level of dependence on tests from the multistate consortium.

Voters in Mass. might weigh in on Common Core

A possible ballot question in Mass. will ask voters what they think about the Common Core State Standards. We hope they're never asked.