Friday, September 18, 2020
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A non-call makes the Rams the NFC champs

Should penalty calls be subject to video review in the NFL? They're considered judgment calls and are now exempt.

School groups help raise breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer has touched many in the US; campaigns to raise awareness of the killer range from the NFL to high schools.

Eagles place kicker returns to Lyons Twp.

Super Bowl champion kicker Jake Elliott returned to his LaGrange, IL, alma mater for an annual Blackout Game and received a hero's welcome.

The NFL season comes down to this

This wasn't such a good season for the Bears or the Ravens, but they have ties now back to the Univ. of Del. that look promising.

Md. & IL students have some NFL predictions

Going into the last weekend of games in the NFL before the Super Bowl, we have some predictions and some appreciation.

It’s Wildcard Weekend in the NFL. Who knew?

Fan support for NFL teams is down, but TV ratings may not tell the whole story. Yet in high school, rivalries still bring excitement.

On protesting the national anthem & Pledge

2 Houston-area students sue their school district because teachers ostracized them after they refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Evanston & Oak Park kneel for the anthem

Protests over the anthem continue across America, esp. after Pres. Trump denounced the practice, calling it un-American.

Purple & black are in your genes. What else is?

Wanna get your DNA tested for a few "superhero" genes? All you have to do is be at the Ravens-Browns game Sunday in Baltimore.

Chicago Bears to practice at Prospect HS

The Chicago Bears will practice at Prospect HS next Thursday. Tickets are sold out, but some fun activities are planned for the lucky few.