Sunday, March 7, 2021
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What a great love kids have for sports!

How important are sports to the lives of students in school? Pretty important, given what sports bring to kids' lives, like enjoying school.

Some young NFL players have brain injuries

Research out of Johns Hopkins shows, people who play football or other sports and suffer head trauma are at increased risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Kaepernick refuses to stand for National Anthem

The Star-Spangled Banner has issues, but refusing to sing it at a football game will create a stir, whether in high school or the NFL.

Would cutting football shock IL into a budget?

Should IL do something drastic to try to get the state government to approve a budget for the current fiscal year? What a disgrace!

NFL said to ignore physics in Deflategate

Super Bowl 50 is today. How does the NFL get along with real science, civility, and parenting in the 21st century?

Movie preview: Concussion

A film starring Will Smith as the doctor who 1st identified traumatic brain injuries in the brains of former NFL players is due out in December.

Junior Seau, others inducted into NFL Hall of Fame

Junior Seau's daughter would have liked to speak as her father was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Mr Seau suffered from concussions.

Memory impacted in knock-out concussions

A brain structure associated with memory was smaller in NFL players who lost consciousness from concussion than in a control group.

Writing prompts for Deflategate

What can we learn (and teach) from the Deflategate scandal? It ended Monday as the NFL handed out punishments for the New England Patriots.