Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Trump denies vulgar comment, says he’s no racist

We see in the president a failure to understand history of the US, and with that, reflect on history lessons in our schools.

King and Korea share an interesting closeness

Martin Luther King's monument is close to the Korean War monument in Washington, but that's not all there is here.

Debt-free college, a Democratic unifying principle

We wonder if debt-free college in the US is a possibility by looking at the proposal advanced by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

‘Dugnad’ inspires a school band from Norway

We interviewed 2 leaders from a Norwegian school marching band who visited the US earlier this month for the July 4 parade in Washington.

Draft pics: Washington (N.I.D.P.), Trondheim, Norway

We’re publishing draft pics of a band and show-stopper from Norway in this year's July 4th parade in Washington, Småbispan.

July 4th D.C. parade brings a band from Norway

A famous band from Norway, along with 2 from IL and 13 other US high school bands will march in the Nat'l Independence Day Parade in Washington.