Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Parents obese? You might be slow.

Children of obese parents are more likely to fail tests of fine motor skills and personal-social skills than those of normal-weight parents.

Some teen health issues linked with screen time

Watching too much TV has been linked to health problems like obesity and poor diet, but more and more, those screens are on smartphones. Same issues.

Obesity, B.P. high in urban student-athletes

Student-athletes were found to have similar rates of obesity and high blood pressure readings as the general adolescent population.

School meals linked to higher obesity risk

School meals may be making kids obese, a new study out of Virginia Tech concludes. Just when we thought school food was tasty and good!

Playing outdoors can improve kids’ well-being

Kids today spend too much time with smartphones and not enough playing outdoors, a new study out of Scotland finds.