Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Can you copyright a test question?

The Supreme Court ruled, again, that holders of intellectual property rights cannot impose restrictions on third-party buyers of their products. PARCC, look out!

Algebra 1 PARCC: graphing inequalities

Graphing the solution to a system of linear inequalities is likely to come up on the PARCC test in algebra 1. Are you ready?

Algebra 1 PARCC: home price stats

Measures of central tendency and the spread of data, including outliers, will come into play as students take the PARCC test in algebra 1 this spring.

Algebra 1 PARCC: system of inequalities

Creating 2 equations in 2 unknowns to describe a set of conditions is a skill algebra 1 students need if they'll be taking the PARCC test this spring.

Algebra 1 PARCC: racing cars

How would you figure out (and explain) when one car, traveling at a given speed, will overtake another car that had a head start?

Algebra 1 PARCC: rewrite polynomial

Adding, multiplying, & subtracting polynomials is tested, quite thoroughly, on the PARCC algebra 1 test, used in Md. and some middle schools in IL.

Algebra 1 PARCC: points on a line

Is a given ordered pair on the graph of a function? Algebra 1 students should be able to figure it out, esp. those who will take the PARCC test this year.

Algebra 1 PARCC: find real zeros

The zeros of a polynomial are the x values when the polynomial equals 0. Do you know how to find the zeros?

Grade 8 PARCC math: solid geometry

Students in 8th grade should be able to find and work with the volumes of sphere, cones, & cylinders. How big is that shot-put?

Grade 8 PARCC math: geometric transformations

Transformations are introduced in 8th grade under the Common Core under the umbrella of congruency (and similarity).