Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Grade 8 PARCC math: Pythagorean distance

Determining the distance along the diagonal of a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem is new to 8th graders under the Common Core.

Grade 8 PARCC math: functions as rules

Working with functions comes to the Common Core in 8th grade, and the properties of functions described in different ways can be compared.

Grade 8 PARCC math: scientific notation

Do you know how to put numbers expressed in "scientific notation" in order from least to greatest? You'll need to if you're taking the PARCC 8th-grade math test.

Grade 8 PARCC math: integer exponents

Another new topic for 8th graders under the Common Core is the idea of expressions in exponents. Do you know the rules?

PARCC & homecoming anomalies at a top Md. H.S.

The Homecoming Court at Walt Whitman H.S. in Bethesda will dispense with gender designations like king and queen. Strange anomalies detected in PARCC data.

Grade 4 PARCC math: add fraction grids

Adding and comparing fractions using a decimal grid is a skill 4th graders should be able to do on the PARCC tests coming up this year.

Game theory says we overuse common resources

Scores have been released, and we're churning over the data right now. But be careful how you use test scores in school operations.

Grade 8 Common Core math: Price per gallon

Predicting gas prices is a tricky business. A lot depends on an understanding of ratios and proportions and the ability to reason with math.

Md. seeks comment on new exit exam requirement

The HS graduation requirements are being updated for Md. students, since the PARCC tests in algebra 1 and English 10 replaced the former HSAs.

Grade 5 Common Core math: Joshua’s garden

A garden has to be measured, and that requires some skill with fractions, as Joshua and a family in California find out.