Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Chainsmokers crash a Chicago-area prom

A pair of celebrity DJs crashed a prom Saturday, to the surprise of students, before heading across the street for their own show.

Girls’ basketball and prom are tops in Geneva

IL crowned girls' basketball champs: Geneva, Morton, Byron, and Annawan. Still, for some students, prom takes priority right now.

Students sue who missed prom waiting for alcohol test

Students in Florida are suing their school for denying them the opportunity to attend prom. They were made to stand outside to wait for a breathalyzer test.

Proms: more about the money than the memories

The cost of prom has skyrocketed in recent years, and one columnist in Peoria wonders if that money is being spent in a good cause.

With prom and end-of-year parties approaching …

Some state officials from around the country and some other organizations have advice for teens and parents to stay sober during prom season and the end of the school year.