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Girls’ basketball and prom are tops in Geneva


Following the girls’ basketball team from Geneva High School in Illinois winning the state Class 4A title this weekend, the student newspaper announced that “generosity” had taken center stage at the high school’s upcoming prom.

(school via Facebook)

On Saturday night, the team defeated Edwardsville at the Redbird Arena in Normal, 41-40. Junior Stephanie Hart sunk the winning basket with just 3.2 seconds left on the clock.

According to Illinois High School Association records, the school has won a total of seven state championships, but four of those are in competitive dance and two in girls’ cross country. This was the first girls’ basketball title ever for Geneva. And that’s saying something, since the school, in its present location, was built in 1958. (The first Geneva High School graduating class dates to 1876, but the school wasn’t what it is now back then.)

But even after the team was escorted back into town by local police and fire units, for many students at the school, prom is at the top of their to-do list. And if girls can’t afford a dress, a fellow student has said she’ll at least help them out where she can.

“As we all know, prom dresses happen to be very expensive. Once you add up the total of a cute dress, hair, makeup, accessories, etc., the final price can reach well into the hundreds. All of this fuss may seem pointless to some, yet to others, it may be unattainable,” writes Izzy Devlin in The Voyager, the student newspaper.

Junior Anna Murray posted on Facebook, the paper reports, that she’ll be giving away her prom dress for free, after letting a special-needs student borrow it for a pageant.

“The idea came to me when I was at church and I just thought it would be a nice gesture,” she was quoted as saying. “My pastor was talking about giving and being generous, so I thought that would be a good way to help and give to the community. … I also hoped that people would follow in my footsteps and donate or let someone borrow their prom dresses for free.”

Girls’ basketball championship games

  • [4A] Geneva d. Edwardsville, 41-40 (1st title)
  • [3A] Morton d. Rochester, 44-37 (3rd consecutive title)
  • [2A] Byron d. Central Catholic (Bloomington), 55-32 (2nd consecutive title)
  • [1A] Annawan d. Unity (Mendon), 39-37 (2nd title, 2014)
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