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Grade 8 PARCC math: functions as rules

Working with functions comes to the Common Core in 8th grade, and the properties of functions described in different ways can be compared.

Grade 8 PARCC math: scientific notation

Do you know how to put numbers expressed in "scientific notation" in order from least to greatest? You'll need to if you're taking the PARCC 8th-grade math test.

Grade 8 PARCC math: integer exponents

Another new topic for 8th graders under the Common Core is the idea of expressions in exponents. Do you know the rules?

Grade 4 PARCC math: add fraction grids

Adding and comparing fractions using a decimal grid is a skill 4th graders should be able to do on the PARCC tests coming up this year.

Grade 8 Common Core math: Price per gallon

Predicting gas prices is a tricky business. A lot depends on an understanding of ratios and proportions and the ability to reason with math.

Grade 5 Common Core math: Joshua’s garden

A garden has to be measured, and that requires some skill with fractions, as Joshua and a family in California find out.

Grade 7 PARCC math: furniture store sale

Shopping at a grocery store or a furniture store means you have to know about sales tax and discounts, perfect for a 7th-grade math standard.

Grade 3 PARCC math: Andre at the library

Two- and three-step word problems that involve a mixture of addition and subtraction will be tested on the PARCC test in 3rd grade.

Geometry PARCC question: similar triangles

What are the different ways of proving one triangle is similar to another triangle? AA, and what else?

Geometry PARCC question: equidistant in plane

Circles are defined as all points in a plane equidistant from a given point, the center. All radii of a circle are congruent by definition.