Friday, September 25, 2020
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Much classic lit set to enter the public domain

The new year will bring many classic literary works to the public domain, as they were first published in 1923, a very lucrative year in literature.

Algebra 1 PARCC question: shirts and ties

Solving systems of linear equations (2 equations in 2 unknowns) comes up in many algebra 1 classes across the nation.

Algebra 2 PARCC: imaginary number arithmetic

Doing arithmetic with imaginary numbers involving i, the square root of –1, is an algebra 2 skill and might be tested on PARCC.

Algebra 2 PARCC: Spring rate of change

Finding the rate of change of a function (from a graph, table, or function) can be required on the PARCC algebra 2 test.

Algebra 1 PARCC: a little salsa

When it comes to constraints on real-world systems, nothing does the trick like linear algebra. Here, a factory makes and packages salsa.

PARCC algebra 2: write quotient as binomial

Multiplying binomials is a skill with many applications. With PARCC, it can be tested by asking students to find the quotient of 2 binomials.

Algebra 2 PARCC: Factor an unknown polynomial

How can you factor a polynomial when you don't even know what the polynomial is? Well, you can't, but you can know a few things.

PARCC Algebra 2: Modeling a delivery route

We sometimes need to develop mathematical models for costs we incur in our jobs or in daily life. Here's one way to do just that.

ACT math practice: business sales algebra

Given a few facts about the total sales at a business over 3 years, can you find the basis sales figures using algebraic manipulation?

Algebra 1 PARCC: graphing inequalities

Graphing the solution to a system of linear inequalities is likely to come up on the PARCC test in algebra 1. Are you ready?