Sunday, January 24, 2021
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UK teachers must report suspected extremism

Under a new law in the UK, teachers are required to report suspected extremism in their students if they notice it. Good idea?

The South will not rise again

Texas will be using new textbooks this fall, which give slavery an inferior billing when it comes to what started the Civil War. Wrong.

Black America 'in a state of emergency'

Federal lawmakers said racism is alive and well in the US, and it causes more than a few problems. Starting with health. Also schools.

Courts may consider disparate impact analysis

A SCOTUS case from Texas seriously tested the use of disparate impact theory in racial discrimination claims. Victory.

Educator made valid racial discrimination claim

The 7th Circuit ruled a black school administrator in Chicago stated a valid racial discrimination claim after she was laid off.

Peaceful protesting returns to Baltimore

The city is mostly calm and peaceful after riots that tore it down and burned it up Monday. Students try to reclaim their identity in the city.

Youth launch riot over death of Freddie Gray

Protests turned violent in northwest Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody. Several police officers were hurt.

Chitling Test misused, badly, in a Maryland school

A racially-biased test was distributed to students at a Maryland high school. Although the test offers valuable lessons, its use must include sensitivity, especially among non-college students.

More on racism & the death of Trayvon Martin

Feelings of racism trigger protests across the country, especially in cities like Atlanta, where they are mostly peaceful. They began after the Zimmerman verdict and don't appear to be slowing.

Zimmerman verdict shows injustice in self-defense laws

The acquittal of George Zimmerman on the grounds of self-defense scares us, and it also highlights a huge loophole in our nation's self-defense laws.