Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Racist remarks chanted on a Md. school bus

Middle school students in an affluent Washington suburb were caught chanting racial slurs on a school bus and should be disciplined.

In the matter of Ryan Lochte, white athlete

Some people can get away with crimes. Like white Olympic swimmers. Not black kids, though, who are sometimes shot by police before they can apologize.

Charters suspend blacks more than whites

Black students and students with disabilities are still getting out-of-school suspensions more frequently than whites, esp. in charters.

Suburban H.S. performs mock slave auction skit

A skit that mocked a slave auction, performed by a few white suburban kids, offended students from a mostly-black school on Chicago's South Side.

Movie review: Race

For a college athlete, there "ain't no black or white; there's only fast or slow." Juxtapose Nazi Germany with black American, Jesse Owens, and a movie happens.

Approaches to racism & associated discrimination

We follow up on an essay that suggests all white people are racist, just like all men are sexist. Consider the scientific experiments, though.

Muslim student detained for building a clock

A Muslim student was detained by police who wanted to investigate a clock he had invented but, they thought, looked like a possible bomb.

Minor criminal charges filed for speaking, kissing

Were racist remarks made against a former Bears tight end in a wealthy north suburb? Did the school file trumped-up charges against him?

Cornel West sees a 'Black prophetic fire'

We must address inequity in educational and housing opportunities for predominantly black and low-income communities.

Sandra Bland: Blacks are treated differently

When saying "All Lives Matter" some black people want to know when in our history did "black lives" ever truly matter?