Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Expelled for using the N-word? Sue the school.

A text-message exchange between friends at a private high school in Chicago has led to the expulsion of 2 girls for making racist remarks.

Virginia district considers banning racial books

A school district in Virginia might ban 2 books that have been banned by school districts across America many times before. They contain racial slurs.

Md. county, schools confront racism & bigotry

A community forum #OneHoward hopes to address racism and bigotry in Howard Co., Md. It's off to a fiery start for sure.

School leaders condemn racist bias & violence

9 groups of school leaders have joined forces to issue a national call to action, reminding schools to focus on safe settings and inclusion.

Montgomery Co. students walk out over Trump

Students in Maryland, D.C., and several other places around the country are walking in the streets to protest the election of Donald Trump.

U.S. deals with fires and fears of racism

When Donald Trump was running for president, he spoke of hatred on the campaign trail, a hatred non-whites know as well, but the take is different this time.

Whites bully immigrant, minority students

Widespread sharp increases in bullying of immigrant and minority students have been reported, increasing the level of fear those students feel.

Study underscores need for teacher diversity

Black students may work better with black teachers, perhaps as role models. But even white students statistically prefer black and Latino teachers.

Boy drew lynching, has to take mental health exam

Creativity takes a blow, and teachers who expect students to be artistic should be better trained or more qualified to evaluate that artistic output.

Racist remarks chanted on a Md. school bus

Middle school students in an affluent Washington suburb were caught chanting racial slurs on a school bus and should be disciplined.