Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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New Trier to conduct racism workshops for students

A few people say a day of seminars and workshops at a predominantly white school near Chicago doesn't include enough "conservative" voice.

Zero-tolerance policies unfairly punish black girls

Black girls are more likely to receive harsher discipline under zero-tolerance policies than white girls for minor offenses.

Minorities lose trust in teachers; college less likely

New studies show minorities perceive more bias and lose more trust in teachers during middle school than whites. It affects college.

Black lives matter in swimming pools, too

February is African-American History Month, and the Washington Post reminds us that many black lives are lost to drowning in the US.

We sing America through the mic of poetry

Student poetry from a school in St. Louis expresses what it means to kids to be American and continues the tradition of Langston Hughes.

Swastikas, antisemitic graffiti in Ohio, IL, Md.

Police are investigating possible hate crimes in the most recent week across America, mostly involving President Trump's name and swastikas.

Women around the world march in protest

Protests in hundreds of cities around the world sounded a universal call for women's rights and the need to keep protecting equality for all individuals.

Md. girl pepper sprayed; Chicago students react

Some Chicago high school students suggest ways police might better serve and protect citizens in our diverse communities.

Md. H.S. students pass around racist petition

A petition distributed by students at a Md. H.S. promoted white supremacy and featured racially charged language about African-Americans.

White teen assaulted in Chicago & on Facebook

The beating of a white, mentally disabled teen by 4 young black adults, broadcast on Facebook Live, has stirred outrage and concern.