Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Racist graffiti in a bathroom at Riverside-Brookfield

After racist graffiti was discovered in a student bathroom at a suburban IL h.s., officials are trying to heal the hate. But can it be healed?

Chicago schools to teach police torture

Chicago 8th graders & freshmen will learn a new subject starting this year: how certain police officers coerced confessions by torturing black suspects.

Debate: Are summer service ‘vacations’ worth it?

Did you do any community service this summer in an area or community outside your own or out of your comfort zone?

IL & Md. marching bands scrap symbolic songs

Marching bands at 2 major universities have taken steps to eliminate the playing of music that might be offensive.

U.Va. and Charlottesville, Va., in state of emergency

A man was killed and dozens injured in white supremacy protests today near the U. of Va. State of emergency.

Movie preview: Passion to Teach

The US and the educational community are in a bitter struggle to decimate the public schools by turning them into profit-generating machines.

Wash. school dist. settles racial discrimination suit

3 families in Washington state will receive $450,000 from a school district that allegedly did too little to protect them from racial discrimination.

South Pacific comes to the Chesapeake Bay

The stages of Maryland high schools are alive with musicals, some of them delivering old and new messages about racism.

Students react in print to a few Trump issues

Many Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized; some students remain optimistic despite bigotry Trump's campaign may have encouraged.

Jewish student goes undercover in Christian America

Racism and antisemitism against students have been reported in Los Angeles, Calif., and Rockville, Md., in the latest installment of "Today in Hate."