Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Hate crimes alleged in McHenry Co., across U.S.

On bullying black, Latino, gay, or any other category of human that predestines them to a life of being afraid, are Americans really stuck?

George W Bush delivers remarks on Trump-era bigotry

Former Pres Geo W Bush spoke at his institute in NY today, talking about the value of civics education, white supremacy, and democracy.

Bowie State stabbing may have been a hate crime

A U. of Md. student has been charged with a hate crime in connection with the stabbing death of a black student at Bowie State.

Ames band members walk off during national anthem

13 band members at Ames H.S. in Iowa walked off during the national anthem at a football game Friday. Protests continue.

How we might reduce racial bias in kids

The key is to keep reinforcing education efforts for children to see people who look different from them as individuals.

Nonsense from both ends of the political spectrum

Should white supremacists be allowed to spew hate in the name of free speech? Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote?

A Jewish student in Chicago considers Charlottesville

When Jewish students (and black students) consider the white supremacy movement that seemed to surge in Charlottesville, they're angry.

Whites, blacks in Belleville protest a police shooting

Racism, police brutality, verdicts that don't make sense—these all affect our schools and the students and teachers in them.

Chemistry can fix a statue honoring Francis Scott Key

Vandals damaged the statue that honors the Star-Spangled Banner's author in Baltimore. Art conservators are working hard to clean it up.

ACT achievement gap (poverty) worse than feared

ACT data from the graduating class of 2016 show a wide achievement gap between white/Asian students and those from low-income familes. Anybody care?