Monday, May 10, 2021
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Parents in Maine sue for religious school tuition

Some districts in Me. don't have a high school, so schools reimburse parents for outside tuition. But not for religious schools.

Trump wants major cuts to federal education funding

The president sent a budget proposal to Congress that would increase military spending & the deficit but cut education programs.

N.H. voucher bill passes the state House

Vouchers are on their way in New Hampshire, as the state House comfortably approved a voucher bill earlier this month. Now it goes to the Senate.

Hirsch H.S. & others in Chicago dropped football

Charter schools are common in Chicago. The city wants to put another one inside an existing h.s. that has had its budget cut.

The federal budget and Title II funding

A closer look at Washington's attempts to pass a budget reveals some strategic cuts to programs that could affect teacher quality.

DeVos wants US to rethink schools’ mundane malaise

US Ed Sec'y Betsy DeVos said for too many kids, school is just a "mundane malaise" that hasn't been updated in at least 2 generations. Agree?

Poll: support for charters drops 12%

Support for charter schools and some other "school choice" initiatives has declined a bit, notably among black and Hispanic populations.

Trump’s budget has no common good

Donald Trump has proposed a federal budget that will drastically cut scientific research, education, and environmental protection.