Sunday, September 20, 2020
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A message to Trump on Presidents’ Day

The New York Times has published an op-ed written by a student at Stoneman Douglas H.S. It's a message about gun safety.

Shooting at a Fla. high school leaves 17 dead

Another school shooting has occurred, this time in Florida, in the nation's 7th-largest school district: Broward Co. Public Schools.

13 school-related shootings reported this month

School-related shootings involve the firing of a gun in or near a school, college, university, or school bus. Getting worse.

At least 2 dead in Ky. school shooting

There's been another shooting at a high school, this time in W. Kentucky. 14 shot, a boy and girl, both 15, died.

Details emerge about the N.M. school shooter

The shooter in a N.M. high school was a 21-year-old former student at the school who apparently thought work, school, and life sucked.

2 students dead, more than a dozen injured in N.M.

2 students and the student attacker are dead in a shooting at a high school in N. New Mexico Thursday morning.

Mattoon honors a teacher & school shooting hero

A math and PE teacher in Central IL was honored Thursday for springing into action to protect students from a school shooter.

Amid hate incident uptick, U.Md. hires coordinator

Hate bias incidents are reportedly on the rise at Maryland's flagship university. Why? What can or should be done?

N. Calif. shooting spree ends at an elem. school

A man shot at an elementary school this morning in California, injuring a few students; at least 4 people are now dead in the incident.

Personality trends found in school shooters

A researcher in Oregon suggests schools should address adolescent masculinity issues to help prevent rampage shootings.