Saturday, September 26, 2020
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The brain knows what music you’re listening to

Different brain waves are given off in the brain when we listen to different music (rock, jazz, classical). Exciting research—NOT.

European immigrants fail to assimilate to new country

With immigration comes an increase in terrorism-related and sex crime, a student opines at an IL high school.

Brain shaped by native language and music

Our brains develop based on stimuli they receive, and some of that includes auditory stimuli, or sounds: music, language, other noises.

DeVos wants US to rethink schools’ mundane malaise

US Ed Sec'y Betsy DeVos said for too many kids, school is just a "mundane malaise" that hasn't been updated in at least 2 generations. Agree?

Girls just as good at math as boys

Are there not enough girls, unnaturally, in STEM-related fields? Different STEM-related people are weighing in, and we wonder to what end?

Exposure to violence linked to teen obesity

Kids who are obese often develop poor eating habits during adolescents, and those habits get worse when they're around violence.

FAIL: Mythbusting about learning styles

We look, once again, at teen learning styles & propose that, while they are neuromyths, they can help instruction.

Link noted between lead paint and incarceration

A link between exposure to lead paint in preschool years and incarceration or suspension from school later in life has been reported.

Birds linked to reduction in stress, depression

The number of birds in your neighborhood and the amount of time you spend outdoors in the sunshine is linked to stress & depression.

Non-issues abound about autism with Trump

Pres. Trump spoke a little, and a little too dimly, about autism at a White House event yesterday with US Ed. Sec. Betsy DeVos.