Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Envt. is killing kids in an Ind. Trump county

As Trump tries to rollback environmental regulation, some supporters and foes are pushing in the opposite direction.

Adenovirus outbreak at U.Md.

An outbreak of the very common adenovirus is happening at the U. of Md., College Park. Some strains can be deadly.

Conant student killed in car crash

A student at Conant H.S. in IL was killed in a fiery car crash Sunday. Speed was believed to be involved in causing the crash.

Shooting at a Fla. high school leaves 17 dead

Another school shooting has occurred, this time in Florida, in the nation's 7th-largest school district: Broward Co. Public Schools.

Youth hockey player dies after flu takes hold

A 10-year-old hockey player died from flu complications last weekend in N.Y. It's shaping up to be a terrible flu season.

4 students die in French bus-train accident

A passenger train hit a school bus in the south of France Thursday, killing 4 students and injuring about 20 others, some critically.

Man sentenced who caused band student’s death

A man who drunkenly killed a band student hours after she performed in the finals at Grand Nationals was sentenced today.

Obituary: Carlos Sanchez, Arizona football player

An Arizona high school football player died last Friday as a result of injuries sustained in a game. He hit his head on the ground, reports say.

Fentanyl deaths up 70% this year in Maryland

While heroin itself appears to have leveled off in Maryland, abuse of other opioids, esp. the synthetic fentanyl, have spiked.

Bowie State stabbing may have been a hate crime

A U. of Md. student has been charged with a hate crime in connection with the stabbing death of a black student at Bowie State.