Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Park City supt. reflects on student overdose deaths

When 2 middle schoolers in your district die of a drug overdose within 2 days of each other, you need to strategize and build relationships.

14-y/o Md. girl, hit by tree in storm, dies

Storms that traveled through the Baltimore area Thursday wreaked havoc and caused at least 1 death: a fallen tree.

Obit: Isaiah Gonzalez; Blue Whale suicide challenge

An online game, Blue Whale suicide challenge, makes its way around the US on social media; some kids have killed themselves while playing.

8-year-old dies in murder-suicide crossfire

A murder-suicide in San Bernardino, Calif., resulted in the death of a married couple and a student who was simply caught in the line of fire.

Obituary: Markel Scott; homicide in Baltimore

Markel "Kel" Scott was shot dead in a rough Baltimore neighborhood, the 4th homicide victim this school year at Excel Academy on the West Side.

Obituary: Tiffany & Brittany Coffland; shot by father

16-year-old twin sisters were shot to death by their father in St Charles, IL, and he then turned the gun on himself.

Kennedy Center cheers real jazz from Kenwood

The jazz band from Chicago's Kenwood Academy performed on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington this evening. Words fail me.

Obituary: Aurora Rohrer; car crash on a slick road

A 16-year-old passenger was killed in a car crash on slick roads in Wyoming on Feb. 4. She was a dancer, a journalist, a friend, and a little sister.

Libertyville stands strong after 4 students die

Deaths of 3 students at Libertyville HS over Thanksgiving shook the community, but teams, along with a whole community, stand strong in their wake.

16 dead in a school bus crash in Italy

A school bus crash in Italy has killed at least 16 students from Hungary, who were on their way home after a school ski trip in France.