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Obituary: Charlotte Zaremba, 16; shot on Jan. 1

A sophomore in Howard Co., Md., died in a murder-suicide after a New Year's Eve party. Her mother was also shot in the assault.

Football concussions take deadly toll in H.S.

About 3 football players every year in high school and college die from brain and spinal injuries they got while competing in a game.

Chattanooga school bus crash kills 5

A school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Monday resulted in the death of 5 students, and several others are in intensive care.

Obituary: Sophie Rinehart, Indiana band student

A featured member of the marching band at Castle HS in Ind. died in a car wreck shortly after her band performed in the BOA Grand National finals.

Obituary: Ryan Ainsworth & Grant Seaver; U-47700

A dangerous opioid drug, imported from China, is 8× stronger than morphine and has killed dozens of US teens. It's too new to be listed as illegal.

Lawsuit over teen suicide plan in Mundelein

An IL high school is being sued in order to force it to update its suicide prevention and awareness plan and inform families about the plan.

Obituary: Janie Cozzi, sophomore, & 4 friends

Five high school students were killed on a Vermont interstate highway, struck by a 36-year-old man who was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Obituary: Garrett Williams, baseball player

A 16-year-old student-athlete from Southern IL died in a car wreck last weekend, and the school remembered him in a memorial service.

Manhunt continues as 10-year-old is stabbed

A killer is at large, possibly in the vicinity of Glen Burnie, Md., accused of stabbing a 10-year-old girl to death. Her brother was also stabbed.

Obituary: Lewis Simpkins, football player

A football player in S.C. collapsed during a football practice on a hot day and died shortly after efforts to revive him fell short.