Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Would seat belts on school buses save lives?

Should we fit buses with seat belts or require that schools or school bus companies put seat belts on school buses? Would it save lives?

Trump supporter, a student, beaten in Md.

A student was beaten during a protest Wed. in Rockville, Md., and the county supt. expects students not to walk out of school.

5 students stabbed at a Utah H.S.

A stabbing at a high school in Orem, Utah, Tuesday morning sent five boys to the hospital, plus the suspect, who's a 16-year-old straight-A student.

Same-day return to play common after concussion

Students who may have suffered a concussion during sports should not return to play until they have healed. Despite medical warnings, that doesn't always happen.

Females more likely to sustain ACL injury

Girls and women are 2–10 times more likely to suffer injuries to a ligament in the knee joint doing similar activities. Hormones are involved.

H.S. girl stabbed on a bus in Texarkana

A high school girl was stabbed on a bus Thursday in Texarkana, giving us an opportunity to consider school bus safety initiatives everywhere.

6 students, 3 staff stabbed at an Ontario H.S.

A stabbing at a high school near Toronto injured several people, including 6 students. Injuries weren't serious. Social media may hold clues.

Concrete awning collapses, injuring band students

Students at a marching band competition in North Carolina were injured this afternoon when a concrete awning collapsed on top of them.

Three Aurora teens injured by speeding car

0,6_1_NA01_STATE2_S1.article The Naperville Sun is reporting that three teens were struck by a reckless driver of a red Thunderbird as they stood on a street...