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S. Elgin boy recovering after attack at school


A seventh grader at Kenyon Woods Middle School in South Elgin, Illinois, was assaulted by another student at the school, slipped into a coma from his injuries, and is now recovering at home, but his family is seeking more information from the school and school district about what exactly transpired on the afternoon of February 3, the Courier-News reports.

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His family was called, based on the injured boy’s appearance in the school nurse’s office. They were told he had a bloody nose and a broken tooth.

Later that day—news reports say between 25 minutes and an hour after the assault—school personnel noticed nausea on the victim’s part and swollen eyes. They called 911. It was later determined that the boy had suffered a concussion, a broken skull, and broken facial bones.

“Initial reports indicated this incident was not related to bullying, but please be assured that we are working with our entire [Kenyon Woods] team, our school resource officer, local police, and the [Elgin Area School District U-46] administration to fully investigate this incident,” the Daily Herald quoted Kenyon Woods Principal Lisa Olsem as saying.

According to the family’s request for information, another student picked up the boy and “immobilized him in such a manner that he could not escape.” The first student then “savagely attacked him by throwing him to the ground headfirst and/or striking him in the face and head.”

A GoFundMe page was established to raise money to help his family with medical expenses, but the page is no longer accepting donations. As the boy is a big Cubs fan, first baseman Anthony Rizzo sent his regards:

Elgin Area School District U-46, a K-12 district, is one of the largest in Illinois. In terms of the population living within its boundaries, it is the fourth-largest, behind Chicago Public Schools and two high school-only districts (District 214 in Arlington Heights and District 211 in Palatine). In terms of student enrollment, though, it is the second-largest, serving more than 40,100 students this year at more than 65 schools and attendance centers.

It was reported last March, through the States News Service, that large school districts across the country, including three of the biggest five—New York City, Chicago, and Miami-Dade County—plus the Houston Independent School District, employ more security personnel than counselors. In fact, none of the nation’s 10 largest school districts meets the American School Counselor Association‘s recommendation of one counselor for every 250 students.

  1. New York City Department of Education, 984,130 students
  2. Los Angeles Unified School District, 542,433 students
  3. Chicago Public Schools, 336,138 students
  4. Clark County (Nevada) School District, 320,400 students
  5. Miami-Dade (Florida) County Public Schools, 290,9024 students
  6. Broward County (Florida) Public Schools, 225,554 students
  7. Houston Independent School District, 215,157 students
  8. Hillsborough County (Florida) Public Schools, 194,317 students
  9. Orange County (Florida) Public Schools, 187,254 students
  10. Hawaii Public Schools, 169,987 students

Student enrollments listed are from different sources and may have been obtained for different years, but the news service published them in March 2016.

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