Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Statement about the data hack at Equifax

Our editorial policies are designed to safeguard student identity. Our privacy policies (esp. on other systems we've built) protect everyone.

School systems are learning from data breaches

Data about schools continues to fall into the wrong hands, but corporate breaches have taught schools something about best practices.

A fake identity can protect online data

Recent hacks have proved a fake identity can be set up online and protect us from the theft or exposure of personal information.

Hackers breach an adultery website

Hackers broke into a website that invites married people to cheat on their spouses, exposing personal information about thousands of stupid users.

Feds report data security breach from China

Another data breach has occurred in the federal government, this one from China. We still don't know that data can't be protected from criminals.

Critics scoff at new privacy pledge from big EdTech

A few tech companies have released a new privacy policy that they say will safeguard student data on the Internet. I'm not buying it.

inBloom will shut down

The cloud-based student database inBloom will be shutting down. The $100 million project was criticized by data privacy advocates.

Hackers breach U. Md. data, get names, DOBs, SSNs

A massive breach of secure data has occurred at the University of Maryland. More than 300,000 US citizens were violated in the attack. It never ends.

2 words about student data privacy: Snowden, Target

Based on a webinar with a student data privacy expert panel of 3, we consider a question not asked in this first report of a series.