Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Study: Preschool teachers not proficient in science

Preschool teachers need to be better at science—not at the expense of being good at literacy but in support of it, a new study from Mich. State suggests.

Teacher salaries are high in Maryland

Md. teachers are among the highest-paid teachers in the nation, according to the research website IL comes in 17th for new teachers.

Teacher training could help English learners write

When teachers of English learners took some professional development, their students performed better on key writing tests.

IL makes transition easier for out-of-state teachers

IL took a step to reducing the red tape for teachers from other states who move to IL. It will be easier for them to get an IL license.

West Chicago science teacher interns at Fermilab

A summer internship gives teachers of science a great professional development opportunity, which explains how some teachers spend their summers.

It’s a struggle to retain new teachers, say teachers

It's harder & harder to keep experienced teachers during the first few years, despite relatively high pay for Md. teachers.

Teacher awarded $200k in due process claim

In a case of possible age discrimination against a teacher, a jury and judge in Indiana skirt the issue, ruling on a due process claim instead.

Voxitatis launches ‘Voxitatis Moodle’ for H.S. math

We believe our Voxitatis Moodle system is a wisely conceived idea for online assistance for students and online professional development for teachers.

A music game to learn student names

How can teachers learn the names of all the new students who will be starting school in a few days? Music and a game.