Monday, August 3, 2020
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Weather extremes envelop the Earth

Extreme weather (drought and heat in the summer, cold in the winter) sweeps the planet. A result of climate change?

Almost everything is closed in the cold

Cold weather, very cold weather in fact, has caused most schools, universities, etc., in northern IL to close Wed. & Thurs.

This is NOT the coldest it’s ever been

It's cold out there, but not quite the coldest it's ever been, however tempted you may be to use superlatives now & then.

It’s been a rainy July

Rain, rain, and more rain. The flooding all this rain has brought could set recovery efforts in the Chesapeake Bay back a bit.

Coldest New Year’s in Chicago: high of 1°F

Yeah, it's cold outside—so cold, in fact, that Chicago and a few dozen other cities set records for the lowest maximum on Jan. 1 or 2.

Irma, a Cat. 5, wipes out Antigua, Barbuda; Fla. in path

Hurricane Irma remained a Category 5 storm longer than any other hurricane in recorded history. It's headed to south Florida.

San Francisco is hot, with wildfires blazing nearby

Extreme and record-setting heat came to the San Francisco area late last week, and wildfires continue to threaten lives and national treasures.

Houston schools to resume Sept. 11, after clean-up

Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical depression, will lead to a long clean-up process. Houston kids return to school on Sept. 11.

Storm that brought 5.2″ to Moline now a nor’easter

A winter storm tracked through the Midwest and joined a low-pressure zone from off Florida to become a classic late-winter nor'easter.

Floods in Ellicott City, Baton Rouge, St. Louis

Massive flooding in Louisiana and other US locations isn't "caused" by climate change, but warmer global temps increase the likelihood of a destructive event.