Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Baltimore Co. adopts new heat closure policy

A/C in the summer heat, or the lack thereof, in schools is a problem, and the school board says it will close schools if the temps get too hot.

Chicago gets dry snow & a little wind on VDay

Some snow and a snap of cold hit Chicago on Valentine's Day; it's moving east and could bring snow to Baltimore on President's Day.

Blizzard in Baltimore, Jan. 22-23, 2016

A snowstorm brings a standstill to several parts of Md. and other eastern states. States of emergency are in effect and schools closed.

Hurricane Patricia brings 165-mph winds to Mexico

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane ever in the Western Hemisphere, and it made landfall this afternoon on Mexico's Pacific coast.

Monthly rainfall record for June set at Baltimore

Record rainfall, including a hailstorm that produced destructive hail the size of a grapefruit (4.0 inches), fell during June 2015 in Baltimore.

Coldest March temp ever in Baltimore on March 4

Snow & record cold temperatures in Maryland led to a near-complete closure of schools and an extension of the window for the state's standardized tests.

Lots of snow and closures in the Northeast

The winter storm that hit the Northeast Wednesday night & Thursday brought snow, school closings, & awesome photography, courtesy of NASA & the NOAA GOES Satellite.

Polar vortex, #chiberia, whatever—It’s COLD!

The weather forecast is: It's COLD. Dangerous wind chills, near 50 below, threaten Chicago and other regions Tuesday. Many schools are just shut down until it gets a little warmer.