Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Possible tornado in Salisbury turns over cars

A strong storm moved through Salisbury, Md., this afternoon, causing some damage and overturning cars. No one was hurt.

14-y/o Md. girl, hit by tree in storm, dies

Storms that traveled through the Baltimore area Thursday wreaked havoc and caused at least 1 death: a fallen tree.

Company sued for expanding school robo-texts

Technology has made it easy for schools to notify parents in an emergency by robocall or robo-text. But has it gone too far?

Storm that brought 5.2″ to Moline now a nor’easter

A winter storm tracked through the Midwest and joined a low-pressure zone from off Florida to become a classic late-winter nor'easter.

For want of a snow day at winter’s warm end

Warm winters like this leave students & teachers wanting that random day off for snow. It just hasn't happened, but there's an upside.

Deadly tornadoes strike southeastern U.S.

Tornadoes in several states in the Southeast damaged property, killed at least 18 people, and injured dozens of others.

Snow band extends from Mich. to IL

5–10 inches of snow fell in Chicago and Michigan this weekend, but schools were mostly planning to open Monday morning for the week's classes.

1st winter storm kills 2, wrecks cars

A winter storm has brought more than a foot of snow and gusty winds to areas in the Upper Midwest and the Northeastern US.

Typhoon Songda cancels Oregon school travel

School events, incl. a marching festival, were cancelled or drastically adapted because a typhoon brought hail and tornadoes to the Pacific Northwest.

Hundreds die in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is headed to Cape Canaveral, and it's a killer. At least 283 people have been reported dead in Haiti.