Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Irma, a Cat. 5, wipes out Antigua, Barbuda; Fla. in path

Hurricane Irma remained a Category 5 storm longer than any other hurricane in recorded history. It's headed to south Florida.

San Francisco is hot, with wildfires blazing nearby

Extreme and record-setting heat came to the San Francisco area late last week, and wildfires continue to threaten lives and national treasures.

Hurricane Irma churns as fake forecasts abound

Don't trust every hurricane forecast you read on social media. Irma is a dangerous storm, but the Nat'l Weather Service says it may not hit land.

Houston schools to resume Sept. 11, after clean-up

Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical depression, will lead to a long clean-up process. Houston kids return to school on Sept. 11.

Hurricane Harvey may dump >30" of rain on Texas

Hurricane Harvey barrels down on South Texas, near the Houston area, affecting not only schools but lives and communities.

Possible tornado in Salisbury turns over cars

A strong storm moved through Salisbury, Md., this afternoon, causing some damage and overturning cars. No one was hurt.

14-y/o Md. girl, hit by tree in storm, dies

Storms that traveled through the Baltimore area Thursday wreaked havoc and caused at least 1 death: a fallen tree.

Company sued for expanding school robo-texts

Technology has made it easy for schools to notify parents in an emergency by robocall or robo-text. But has it gone too far?

Storm that brought 5.2″ to Moline now a nor’easter

A winter storm tracked through the Midwest and joined a low-pressure zone from off Florida to become a classic late-winter nor'easter.

For want of a snow day at winter’s warm end

Warm winters like this leave students & teachers wanting that random day off for snow. It just hasn't happened, but there's an upside.