Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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From Piasa to the parade in Washington

The National Independence Day Parade in Washington brought high school bands from CA, AR, WI, MN, IL, NC, FL, PA, NY, NH, GA, TX.

Weather alerts and school cancellations in US, Europe

Wintry weather, esp. extreme cold, has caused traffic accidents and resulted in school closures across the Northern Hemisphere.

Jet stream changes linked to more severe weather

The North American jet stream has undergone significant changes over the past 1,000 years, but most data only look at it from about 1979.

Reports of 100-below wind chills on Mt Washington

Wind chill is reported as temperature. That's not exactly the right unit, but since that's what people understand, that makes news.

It’s cold in these Baltimore schools

Students were sent home Wed., as many Baltimore City schools are cold; heating systems in some of them have failed.

Coldest New Year’s in Chicago: high of 1°F

Yeah, it's cold outside—so cold, in fact, that Chicago and a few dozen other cities set records for the lowest maximum on Jan. 1 or 2.

Things old and new in Austin in late fall

A $1bn bond issue, new technology, old and new books, movies, and a Texas Teacher of the Year who used to work in Hollywood.

Snow falls from Southeast to Northeast

A winter storm has left people without power on dangerous roads. School events from basketball to the SAT test have been cancelled.

Noticeable yaw during a windy O’Hare landing

It's windy today in Chicago, which can cause problems for buses. It certainly caused issues for planes at the airports.

More Nov. tornadoes in OH, IN, PA, IL

A few tornadoes caused damaged buildings in the Midwest over the weekend. No serious injuries reported. Yes, in November.