Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Md.'s Hogan on education in State of the State

Charter school reform and legislation that would give people who contribute to private schools a tax credit led the new governor's education agenda.

Massive fraud in a few Florida charter schools

Fraud has been detected in Florida charter schools. These schools require limited oversight to flourish, but that can also allow corruption.

What's happening this month at Gulen charters?

Charter schools tied to the Turkish Gulen movement are under investigation after several outrageous reports were relayed to the Ohio Board of Ed.

FBI raids 19 Gulen-affiliated charter schools

The FBI raided charter school affiliated with the Turkish Gulen movement. We wonder what it's all about, but we have our suspicions.

IL charters get slammed in a new report

A report released earlier this month by two organizations that oppose charter schools says charters in IL & elsewhere have used school revenue illegally.

With mixed results, Iowa virtual school looks to expand

The mixed test scores at two Iowa cyber charter schools, one higher than state averages, one lower, give us a chance to explore online-only K-12 education.

IL imposes 1-year moratorium on virtual charter schools

A 1-year virtual charter school moratorium has been imposed in Illinois. The new law also seeks more information about the effects of virtual charter schools.

IL districts begin to deny charter for online school

School Districts U-46 in Elgin and 300 in Carpentersville voted to deny a charter Monday for a virtual (online) charter school, but the school can appeal to a charter commission in the state.

Big IL districts skeptical about online charter proposal

Several major Illinois school districts heard a proposal for an online charter school Monday night, and most people who spoke at the meetings were not in favor of the charter's existence.

Charter schools overrated in Texas: study

Preliminary results from research out of Penn State suggests that high-performing charter schools in Texas may be that way because they select students who would be more teachable anyway.