Saturday, September 26, 2020
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I’m concerned about a #MeToo backlash

#MeToo has led to the outing of powerful men who have clearly abused and harassed women. Some people look more long-term.

It was all fun for girls with STEM in Peoria

Are too few women going into STEM fields because too few girls are aware of opportunities in STEM? Or is there more going on?

All teaching staff laid off at a renowned choir college

A world-renowned choir college in N.J. may become homeless after it is sold to a firm that specializes in for-profit K-12 schools internationally.

Don’t make C.T.E. a case of ‘pep without purpose’

Career and technical education programs in high school are great: they serve a focused need for vocational training. Don't stop there.

DeVos, Ivanka Trump talk STEM for girls

Is there a shortage of girls going into STEM-related careers? Maybe there was at one point, but it has largely disappeared these days.

Young girls more likely to think men are ‘brilliant’

When they turn about 6, young girls are more likely to attribute "brilliance" to men than to women, a divide not seen in young boys.

When parents know about STEM, kids do too

If parents know more about the importance of STEM, their kids tend to make STEM-related choices and hone STEM-related abilities more.

Congrats, brother, on your new STEMpathy job

New jobs, a large number of them, involve both STEM skills and knowledge as well as interpersonal skills, like communication and management skills.

Feds announce apprenticeship grant contest

Can apprenticeships help students pursue skilled careers without college? The president hopes so, and the government is pumping $100m into the effort.

Homosexuals under-represented in science?

NYT opinion writer says scientists and engineers aren't homosexual as frequently as the general population. We ask, Why?