Monday, August 10, 2020
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Obama delivers climate change message in Alaska

President Obama delivered an urgent message about climate change to Alaska. He was well received in the land of big drilling.

On the need to protect polar bears in Alaska

The federal government wants to designate a large swath of land to protect polar bears in Alaska; the state wants to drill for oil on the land.

Republicans debate each other on Fox News

Republican candidates for presidents, 17 of them in two separate "debates," discussed issues important to them but avoided other issues.

Taxis with no drivers could help environment

Taxis with no drivers could yield save us in terms of protecting the environment & spurring the development of alternative energy.

Pope seeks action on climate change

An encyclical has been issued from the Holy See in Rome, saying we should take action to stop causing climate change. Finally!

Climate change is already happening in the US

A climate change report came out on May 6, and it blames most of our climate issues on human activities like greenhouse gas emissions.

Butterflies move north in warming climate

Data from an amateur group of naturalists enabled a study about butterfly populations in a warming Massachusetts climate. Amateur data is becoming increasingly valuable to scientists as the need for data often surpasses its availability.

Climate summit: Obama pushes for a deal

President Obama, in Copenhagen, called on the people of the world to get serious about climate change.