Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Survey points to what worries teens

Depressions & anxiety are among the primary stressors in teens' lives, according to a survey. They worry about other things, too.

A Md. h.s. coach is charged with sexual assault

A former coach at a Catholic h.s. in Baltimore has been charged with the sexual abuse of a minor student at the school.

She was credible, brought back memories

I reflect here on Brett Kavanaugh's and Christine Blasey Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.

Chicago will lose millions over Title IX violations

Chicago Public Schools hasn't kept students safe from sexual abuse by peers or teachers, so the feds are going to withhold funds.

The Year of the Woman, #MeToo, & Supreme Court

What will come of Trump's 2nd Supreme Court nominee, now that charges of sexual assault have been made against him?

Accused can question accusers in sex assault cases

The accused should be given a chance to cross-examine adverse witnesses, even in university disciplinary hearings.

Movie review: Beautifully Broken

Lives are tied together in powerful ways, including teens in Nashville and Rwanda, in this latest Christian movie.

Child Victims Act dies, once again, in N.Y.

Sadly, a bill to extend the time child sex abuse survivors could pursue legal recourse against their abuser falls in Albany.

Sexual assault happens in high school, too

Sexual assault stats are bad in US high schools, and high school girls are even less likely to report it than older women.

Dr. sentenced, MSU prez resigns in gymnastics abuse

A man who served as "the must-see" physician for US gymnasts was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for having abused them.