Saturday, September 25, 2021
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A week of historic cold and snow

A hazardous storm brought cold and snowy conditions, leaving millions without power and clean water in the US heartland, esp. in Texas.

Nor’easter brings pandemic’s 1st snow day

A powerful winter storm, the biggest in over a year, led some schools to cancel in-person instruction, but virtual learning can continue.

Schools rethink the whole idea of snow days

Why have snow days anymore if we can have 'virtual learning' days, now that we know a thing or two about how they work?

This is NOT the coldest it’s ever been

It's cold out there, but not quite the coldest it's ever been, however tempted you may be to use superlatives now & then.

Cool US map: How much snow will close schools?

An online news outlet published a map showing how much snow it takes in each county across America to get a snow day.