Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Reports of 100-below wind chills on Mt Washington

Wind chill is reported as temperature. That's not exactly the right unit, but since that's what people understand, that makes news.

Storm that brought 5.2″ to Moline now a nor’easter

A winter storm tracked through the Midwest and joined a low-pressure zone from off Florida to become a classic late-winter nor'easter.

For want of a snow day at winter’s warm end

Warm winters like this leave students & teachers wanting that random day off for snow. It just hasn't happened, but there's an upside.

Snow band extends from Mich. to IL

5–10 inches of snow fell in Chicago and Michigan this weekend, but schools were mostly planning to open Monday morning for the week's classes.

1st winter storm kills 2, wrecks cars

A winter storm has brought more than a foot of snow and gusty winds to areas in the Upper Midwest and the Northeastern US.

Principal stars in snow day video in Howard Co.

During snow days, some school employees, including principals and skeleton custodial staff, report to the school. Some of them make videos.

Blizzard in Baltimore, Jan. 22-23, 2016

A snowstorm brings a standstill to several parts of Md. and other eastern states. States of emergency are in effect and schools closed.

3 IL districts will pilot e-learning for snow days

3 suburban districts in IL have a plan for snow days so they don't have to adjust the school calendar if it snows too much: e-learning days.

Cool US map: How much snow will close schools?

An online news outlet published a map showing how much snow it takes in each county across America to get a snow day.

Snow keeps piling up, temps keep falling

It's cold out there. Western Suburbs Champaign-Urbana Wednesday morning rush hour was a nightmare, and flights into and out of O'Hare were delayed or canceled, following snowfall...