Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Volleyball teams continue to dig for a cure

Girls' volleyball teams, whether in clubs or in high schools, have a common cause in October: doing what they can to cure breast cancer.

TX backs expulsion for not standing during pledge

A Texas student who was expelled for not standing during the pledge is suing the school for violating her free speech rights.

Can the feds withhold money for special ed?

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will decide if the feds rightly withheld $33 million earmarked for special ed services in Texas.

Things old and new in Austin in late fall

A $1bn bond issue, new technology, old and new books, movies, and a Texas Teacher of the Year who used to work in Hollywood.

Gunman opens fire inside a rural Texas church

A gunman is dead after he killed possibly more than 20 people at a Baptist church in rural Texas this Sunday morning. Children included.

From a poor Baltimore school to Harvey victims

Students across the country have really stepped up to help those who lost so much in hurricanes. One charter school in Baltimore stands out.

Schools continue to send help for hurricane victims

Helping people in need includes helping schools that suffered losses in recent hurricanes. Schools in Md. & a marching band in IL step up.

Hazing leads to sexual assault charges in Texas

Hazing allegations have surfaced around the football team at a South Texas high school, and 9 students have been charged with sex assault.

A few reasons for and against vouchers

Vouchers, which send public money to private schools, are in for a battle, and some news commentators say a battle line has been drawn.

Texas board will vote on science in April

Does Betsy DeVos believe we should teach creationism? the Bible? What would science teachers experience with her at the US Dept of Ed?