Saturday, September 25, 2021
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H.S. students opt out of football in Texas

Why do you suppose football participation numbers in Texas have gone down a little bit over the last 5 years? NPR hypothesizes.

Texas H.S. football players assault ref

A viral video has landed 2 football players from a San Antonio, Texas, HS in hot water for assaulting a referee during a game.

The South will not rise again

Texas will be using new textbooks this fall, which give slavery an inferior billing when it comes to what started the Civil War. Wrong.

Draft pics: Washington (N.I.D.P.), Houston, TX

We’re publishing draft-quality photos of the marching band from Waltrip H.S. in Houston from the July 4th parade in Washington.

Texas decriminalizes unexcused absences

Starting in Sept, truancy will no longer leave students with a criminal record in Texas, but fines will still have to be paid as a civil matter.

Charter schools overrated in Texas: study

Preliminary results from research out of Penn State suggests that high-performing charter schools in Texas may be that way because they select students who would be more teachable anyway.