Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Schools continue to send help for hurricane victims

Helping people in need includes helping schools that suffered losses in recent hurricanes. Schools in Md. & a marching band in IL step up.

Hazing leads to sexual assault charges in Texas

Hazing allegations have surfaced around the football team at a South Texas high school, and 9 students have been charged with sex assault.

A few reasons for and against vouchers

Vouchers, which send public money to private schools, are in for a battle, and some news commentators say a battle line has been drawn.

Texas board will vote on science in April

Does Betsy DeVos believe we should teach creationism? the Bible? What would science teachers experience with her at the US Dept of Ed?

Texas board rejects Mexican-American textbook

The Texas state board voted to reject a textbook about Mexican-American culture that had been widely criticized as factually incorrect and biased.

Texas district elects school board members at-large

Should we divide school districts like we divide states for Congressional representatives? Or would that promote the same kind of gerrymandering?

Campus carry starts today in Texas

Campus Carry will allow college students in Texas over 21 who have concealed-carry licenses to bring those guns into certain campus buildings.

Dozens die in tornadoes & flooding from TX to IL

Severe storms were responsible for the deaths of more than 40 people, causes ranging from tornado damage to being swept away in their cars.

Concealed carry coming to Texas colleges

Texans should reconsider a new law that will allow the concealed carry of handguns into university buildings, incl. dorms & classrooms.

Texans use pasta to study the sine function

Trigonometry in pre-calculus (or even algebra II) can be taught using pasta, one of many methods teachers use to engage kids in learning.